Asmodee reveals, Dixit: Revelations!

August 4, 2016 - 6:55pm
dixit revelatios Dixit: Revelations, the 7th and newest expansion to the enormously popular Dixit boardgame, has recently been announced by publisher Asmodee. Dixit: Revelations brings all new cards to the game with all new cart art by French illustrator Marina Coudray.  Coudray's art is full of hidden meaning with mysterious images pulling inspiration from classic art to world mythology to current online trends.  Whether you like a bit of whimsy to your art or prefer a more stoic layered look, there's something in this set for everyone. For those unfamiliar with the Dixit series of games, Dixit is a light storytelling game for 3-6 players.  Each player has a had of cards featuring beautiful art.  After the active player chooses a card from their hand, they come up with a word or phrase or song title, etc. that they think in some way describes the card.  Each other player then chooses a card from their own hand to go with the given phrase.  Once all cards have been chosen and revealed, all players except the active player vote on which card they think is the active players.  Points are distributed in an apples to apples fashion. With many ways to interpret every card, the Dixit: Revelations set is sure to add to the enjoyment of the game.  If you talk to any fan of Dixit, you'll quickly realize that the more cards you have and the more varied the artwork, the more fun can be had by all.  Dixit: Revelations is due out in the fourth quarter of 2016, and I for one cannot wait! To learn more about Dixit and it's current expansions, click <here>.