New Release from Steve Jackson Games, Ogre: Objective 218

August 3, 2016 - 7:55am
In 2008 a quick playing 2-player card game was created called The Battle for Hill 218, which had an area control feel to it.  In the game you would play cards to attack, support, or supply your forces as you try to take the strategic hill 218 for your side.  Now Steve Jackson Games has taken this game and combined it with the Ogre universe to create Ogre: Objective 218. You can expect the same style of card play and strategic thinking required to win in the new game, but instead of standard military units you will see distinctly Ogre type units.  You will get Ogres, Cruise Missiles, the G.E.V., Heavy Tank, Howitzers, and Ogre MK III units to deploy in the battle to take objective 218.  Game length is set at a slightly longer 30 minutes instead of the original's 15-20, but still a short game that offers good strategic decisions.  Look for this in your local game store today, and see the announcement on the SJG site. We Previously covered the announcement of this game here