Now on Kickstarter, Lords of Rock by Solar Flare Games

August 4, 2016 - 8:06pm
lords of rock comp Want to see Anubis shred on a guitar?  Do you wonder if Odin can lead a band as the lead singer?  Well you can answer these questions, if you actually had them, in the new game coming to Kickstarter, Lords of Rock.  In Lords of Rock you will be leading a band of the gods from Egyptian, Norse, Greek, and Aztec pantehons, playing songs and trying to be the most popular at different venues.  At the beginning you will pick you pantheon and take all 12 god cards, and from those create a band of four members for vocals, guitar, drums, and bass.  Next everyone will agree on a venue to play at and the round will begin.  Each player will then play song cards to either help their band values, or hurt other player's bands until everyone passes or run out of cards.  At that point you score the venue based on what band aspects they favored and give out the soul stones.  The band with the most soul stones after playing all the venues are crowned the Lords of Rock! The game looks to be a quick and easy card game with some rock and roll inspired depictions of different gods.  The game is also sensibly priced at just $20 for the game and any stretch goals.  So if this game sounds like something you might enjoy, head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge for your copy today.