Geekbox, game component storage by dV Giochi!

August 1, 2016 - 10:30pm

Just in time for Gen Con 2016, dV Giochi announced it's new solution for game component storage called Geekbox. Geekbox is a system of stackable plastic containers with snap closure lids made to perfectly fit your game boxes.  No longer will you have to use those often difficult to maneuver zip plastic bags or spend time figuring out a configuration that will work using other storage containers not meant for use with boardgames. Now you can safely store all of your tokens, chits, dice, cubes, tiles, coins, etc. with the knowledge that they will be right where you left them the next time you open up your favorite game.  Geekbox is being sold in very affordable packs of 3 boxes each, making this one gaming supply you don't want to miss out on! To see the system in action, click <here> and view a short introductory video.