New and Upcoming Games from Rather Dashing Games

July 29, 2016 - 11:26pm
we come in peace This year Rather Dashing Games has a couple of new releases coming out and so we would like to share those with you.  First is that their latest game, We Come in Peace, will be debuting at GenCon this year, so go take a look at this planet defending dice game if you are there.  You can read more about it in our previous article. element Next they tease with a new video trailer their new abstract strategy game called Element.  This looks to be a reprint of the 2008 game Element in which you are using the four elements, and their interactions with each other, to try and surround the opposing wizard.  The art for this one looks good and should be a distinct upgrade from the previous game, look for this in stores late fall. this belongs in a museum Next is a new game in their Drawn & Quartered series of tile placement type games, This Belongs in a Museum.  In this game, like the predecessors, you will lay tiles to create the most lucrative dig site possible and collect valuable artifacts.  You will be using trucks, ships, and airplanes to connect your different sites as well as move your archaeologist around.  This is the farthest out game in release dates with a date of early 2017 for arriving on store shelves. Last is an expansion to an existing game called Strange Alliances.  This will expand the Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies game to allow for pirate ninjas, robot zombies, and more crazy combinations.  You can look for this expansion in December of this year. For more information and to read a bit more about each release, you can read the full announcement on the Rather Dashing Games site.