GMT Games State of the Union

July 28, 2016 - 11:32am
gmt logo GMT Games has made a name for itself both among war gamers and non-war gamers with some of their amazing games.  So to look back over the year, founder Gene Billingsley is doing a State of the Union of GMT Games split over several parts.  The first part has been published and talks mainly about the games of GMT Games.  He talks about the runaway hit Twilight Struggle and how it keeps defying their sale expectations.  He showcases some games that aren't as popular as Twilight Struggle but still log high on their list of best sellers.  Finally, he wraps up by stating that with these "non-war games", GMT Games is better able to continue offering the war games in smaller print runs, via P500, than normally possible.  Plus, with continued revenue from the hit games, they can continue designing them well into the future.  You can read part 1 on Inside GMT Games and maybe even drop by their site and pick up some of their best selling games.