Just Released from Asmodee, Via Nebula

July 22, 2016 - 12:28am
Via Nebula, the latest game from the Space Cowboys label at Asmodee has just hit, or is about to hit, retail stores.  Via Nebula is a route building type game but instead of building tracks or roads, you are exploring foggy areas and placing down clear paths.  As you place these tiles from your player board onto the main board, you are connecting your construction tile to the resources you need.  The resources you need depend on the building cards that are available to build, but you don't need the exact resources to build it, just the same number.  But building with incorrect resources will net your negative points in the end so it's best to give them what they want.  There are lots of other things you can do from placing workers to reveal resources, building more buildings, and gaining special abilities the more tiles you place down.  Most points at the end is the winner. The game looks great, quality of components looks good, and the game garnered a Seal of Approval from Tom's video review.  You can read more on the game on Asmodee's website, or pick up a copy from your local retailer.