Gondola races onto Kickstarter

July 19, 2016 - 11:37am
gondola Big Kid Games has proudly debuted their very first game onto Kickstarter - Gondola, a tile-laying racing game for 2 to 5 players. Based on the locally popular Gondolini Regata, or Gondola Races, held in Venice on the first Sunday of September, players will be commanding their boats among tiles representing the twisting Grand Canal. As described via Big Kid Games' campaign page:  Players then take turns placing additional canal tiles over the course of play, revealing more and more of the winding lagoon. Players are never quite sure what the route will be and where it will take them. [...] Use cunning strategy and pivotal selections to outrace your opponents and become Canal Master. The winner is the player to reach 5 checkpoints first. gondola comp Each tile held in hand present different tactical options, as only a few available tiles have checkpoints. Obstacles and rough waters come in the form of limited movement or high currents which are placed strategically in an attempt to marry long-laid plans with immediate subterfuge. The decision to play or keep canal tiles  is important as you're always trying to stay 2 or 3 turns ahead of your opponents. The unpredictable nature of the board, due to participating player decisions, and the rush of a real race is a very exciting concept and certainly something that fans of tile-laying games have reason to be enthusiastic about. The non-linear nature of Gondola's flow lends itself massive replay value and room for players to make clever, surprising plays. Big Kid Games' first game is definitely worth checking out, whether you favor tile-laying or racing games. The mix of intrigue, non-linear progression, and the pressure inherent in racing gives competing games in those genres, like Carcassonne or Formula D, a run for their money. For more info on Gondola, be sure to check out their Kickstarter, and keep up with Big Kid Games via their Facebook page for future releases.

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