Game Store Owner becomes a card in Legendary Marvel

July 19, 2016 - 11:56am
store owner card Matt Cave, owner of Batcave Games, loves Legendary Marvel, and after his first play of it he was hooked and owns all the expansions.  He even went so far as to start buying the Marvel 3D trading cards in order to get the exclusive heroes and bystanders for the game.  Though as he bought the Marvel 3D cards he noticed something, Upper Deck was running a contest, golden ticket style, to turn a lucky player into a new card.  So he promptly bought a whole case of the card packs to try to get that elusive card, and he did.  So after working with the entertainment product development team at Upper Deck, he is now an official bystander card that will be included in the new Legendary Civil War set.  You can read more about the story and see his card on the Upper Deck site.