Expanding Sentinel Tactics

July 17, 2016 - 10:29am
Greater Than Games is expanding their Sentinel Tactics line of games, designed by Christopher Badell, Luther Bell Hendricks V, and Kevin G. Nunn. Sentinel Tactics is a miniatures-based tactics game where players take control of heroes and villains duking it out on a hex-grid map with dice. broken city Sentinel Tactics: Broken City is the second core game in the series that will be based in Rook City where the hero team Dark Watch goes against the Exemplar and his team of genetic-aberrations. The game comes with the following components:
  • 12 characters
  • 3 scenario books
  • 2 map locations
for profit Sentinel Tactics: For Profit is the second expansion that involves a ragtag team of crooks called "For Profit." Previously doing small time crime they have been contacted by a new client to look into work of the more dangerous variety. This is an expansion that will require the core Sentinel Tactics game in order to play. The game comes with the following components:
  • 6 characters
  • 1 scenario book
  The new core game and a second expansion are tentatively out for release on early 2017. Look for more information here!