SPEAK OUT, Coming Soon from Hasbro

July 15, 2016 - 4:00pm
speak out 2 Riding on the success of last year's PIE FACE is Hasbro's next game SPEAK OUT. In the game SPEAK OUT, players are challenged to say outrageous phrases such as "Nifty Nuns Having Fun" while wearing a mouth piece. The game follows on the popularity of mouth guard videos online wherein youtube personalities challenge each other to different contests while wearing a mouth guard. SPEAK OUT comes with the following components:
  • 5 mouth pieces
  • 200 double-sided Content cards
  • 1 one-minute sand timer
The game is targeted towards a 16+ audience and should be released in August, 2016. For additional information, visit here. I hope the game instructions will remind players to wash the mouth pieces before and after game play.