Now on Kickstarter from Eagle-Gryphon Games, Sluff Off and Harald

July 13, 2016 - 11:26am
harald Eagle-Gryphon games is continuing to expand it's small games line, called the EGG Series, with two card games, Sluff Off and Harald.  Sluff Off is a reprint of the old game Zing!, a trick taking game that has bidding on how many tricks you will take.  In a game of Sluff Off there are five colored suits with cards 1-15 in each, blue suit is always trump, and a round begins with everyone bidding on how many and what color tricks they will win.  You then play a normal trick taking game but for each trick you win that you didn't bid for, you take a -3 point chip.  Any tricks you bid for but never won will be -2 points at the end as well, meaning there will be a lot of negative scores.  There is also an included variant where someone is a "Sluffer" and is just trying to ruin other people's plans because each negative chip others get, they get a positive one.  Highest score at the end is the winner. harald comp Harald is another card game but instead of trick taking it's set collection and influence, where you are trying to have the most cards of those represented in the council.  Each turn in the game will involve playing a card to the council, playing a card to your village, and then drawing back up.  At the end of the round you will score points for each card in your village that matches a card in the council, and the number of points scored per card is based on how many of it is in the council.  An example would be if you have 2 wolf scouts in your village, and 3 are on the council, you would score 6 points, 3 for each wolf scout in your village.  There are also bonus points to be had on each character if they score, so you have to keep that in mind when you play.  As usual, highest score at the end wins. Both games are simple enough and feature nice art with Sluff Off being fun and quirky, while Harald goes with anthropomorphized animals for it's cards.  The cost of entry is low at only $19 to get both games so if either of these sound interesting then head on over to the Kickstarter page before it ends on July 19th.