New from Passport Studios

July 12, 2016 - 10:22am
Passport Game Studios will release three new games in August. quarts From the designers of Sheriff of Nottingham and Warehouse 51 comes Quartz, a push your luck Dwarven mining game. Players each play as a Dwarf in a group of friends that find a new mine filled with crystals. After making a wager, you each have five days to mine and sell crystals. The dwarf who is able to navigate the risks of the mine, whatever challenges the other dwarves throw in, and make the most profit will be the owner of the mine. mythe In another push your luck game coming soon heroes must adventure to the dragon’s castle to recover the Golden Sacred Cheese. The kingdom is counting on a hero to step forward and return the symbol of prosperity and unity. In Mythe players draw cards from other players’ hands until they either decide to stop and move forward, or draw an obstacle which must be dealt with, delaying the hero for that turn. 3 wishes When you and your friends are granted wishes from Genie, your wish doesn’t always go as planned. This is true in 3 wishes an 18 card micro-game. Players use memory, bluffing, and luck to end the game with set of three wishes. But be careful, if you end up wishing for time travel, you’ll end up in a paradox and lose the game.