Coming in August from HABA USA

July 12, 2016 - 10:20am
haba logo August will see the release of at least four new games from Haba USA. magic feathers In the dense, chaotic jungle, pairs of animals are looking for their partners. In Magic Feathers, a colorful bird flies high over the jungle and his magic feathers float down and enchants the animals below to help find their pairs. This 2-4 player game for ages 4+ lets players use the magic bird and feathers that come in the game to make the most matches, and become king of the jungle. princess mina Also for 2-4 players ages 4+, Princess Mina. Players use memory with the goal of making an amulet necklace with the most matching jewels from the mixed up gemstones in the jeweler box. frankindex The next two games are both 1-4 players. Frankindex! Numbers and Quantities has players, ages 5-8, helping monsters determine how many cubes are in a series of closed bags. Using only their sense of touch, players have to feel their way to an answer for eight or more bags. games fun Finally, Games N’ Fun: Forest Feastival is aimed at players ages two and up. With the summer feast approaching, the forest animals play through a variety of games set up by the gnomes. Including five play figures and forest background, this game offers endless playing for the youngest gamer. For full details read the full release announcement from ACD Distribution.