My Little Pony CCG Championships

July 10, 2016 - 9:37pm
my little pony unicorn As Enterplay is getting ready for My Little Pony: CCG Continental Championships, which will be held at Gen Con, Stores around the US and Canada are getting ready to hold the Store Championships. Held July 15th-24th, each participant in the Store Championships will receive one new Sweetie Belle Unicorn token card. This is the second of the inseparable Cutie Mark Crusaders to be released, with the final one, Apple Bloom, coming later this year. Each store gets to choose either Constructed Harmony format, or draft format. Participants are eligible for additional prizes, and the top two players are invited to compete at Gen Con. To find a local store holding an event, head to the MLP: CCG Store Champs Map For the full announcement, check out Enterplay’s Facebook page.