3 New Expansions for Zombicide: Black Plague

July 10, 2016 - 9:29pm
hero box 1 As the Hordes of zombies continue to spread death and terror to the survivors in Zombicide: Black Plague, a beacon of shines as reinforcements join the fight. Now available from Cool Mini of Not is the Hero Box-1 containing five new heroes to hold back the tide of evil:
  • Lord Arnaud
  • Glynda Battlestout
  • Julian the Thief
  • Captain Sylvia Samedi
  • Father Tucker
zombie bosses Fortunately hope isn’t the only thing CMON is releasing into the world. The Abomination Pack contains three new Zombie Bosses:
  • The Abominatroll: Huge and not as adorable as he sounds, only Dragon Fire can take him down.
  • The Ablobination: Attacks all zones in Range 0-1 with a Giant Arm
  • Abominotaur: Not stopping for walls or doors, this boss deals 2 wounds per attack
paul bonner Last but certainly not least, Paul Bonner, whose fantasy art portfolio includes designs for Games Workshop, work on Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and more, has contributed four special heroes in an all new expansion. The Special Guest Paul Bonner Box includes:
  • Klom, an Ogre Survivor
  • Inquisitor Mizar
  • Lord Bazak
  • Genevieve
CMON’s full announcement is available here.