"Dungeon Business Cards" can be a cool new trend!

July 7, 2016 - 12:23am

Dyson's Dodechahedron, a blog and resource page devoted to tabletop role-playing, has created something that I sincerely hope catches on - dungeon map business cards! There are many different designs of dungeon rooms which can be printed on the normally blank backs of personal contact cards, often handed out willy-nilly at trade fairs, book signings, and offices. These designs not only look better than just blank space, but also can be paired with other designs to create really easy layout inspirations for RPG sessions! For a pleasant bonus, the growing selection of designs can make the cards collectible, allowing the diligence of advertising to feel rewarding to those stuffing their pockets with paper samples. While this is a newly budding concept, with community interest this can become a very popular practice and I for one am glad to spread the word. I'm merely echoing the excitement of the creator, Dyson Logos:  "With a set of ten card designs currently out there, the challenge becomes to collect all ten card backs, each with a different front! [...] Maybe once I’ve confirmed that there are at least ten people using them, I’ll put together another set of ten for a future release to increase the size of the pool, and the challenge." The art here is the same that Dyson uses on for custom maps, and they are elegant, simple, and excellent. Here's a link to the designs you'll need to make your own!  Take it from someone who works in printing as his day job - the costs of getting these made or done yourself isn't bad, especially if you buy in bulk, whether made professionally or otherwise. That said, I sincerely hope our community is just as impressed with these designs as we here at Dice Tower News are. Very good work, Dyson! I hope to have a reason to collect business cards in the future.

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