Coming Soon from iello

July 6, 2016 - 12:41am
With Origins passed and GenCon close at hand more game announcements are being made, and here are several that are coming soon from iello. Being released at GenCon is a new game from Antoine Bauza called Oceanos, a game where players are submarine captains exploring the ocean depths.  You will draft cards to build out the area of the ocean you are exploring and then score that line, scoring points for different animal types, upgrade your sub, and if you have the most eyes of the kraken, taking a penalty.  Player with the most points wins.

Next is Schotten Totten from Reiner Kinizia, a reskining of the classic game Battle Line where you are trying to play sets of cards to different areas to try and control them.  The theme is no longer ancient armies battling to rival clans trying to expand their land so expect some light-hearted art typical of iello.  Look for this game at GenCon as well.

The last game being released at GenCon is another reskin and that is Rent A Hero, a reskin of the game Seventh Hero.  In Rent A Hero you are trying to recruit heroes to fight against the hordes raiding your village and pass of heroes your don't want to other players.  The game play is simple with heroes being passed around and players deciding if they want them or not, asking for more info to make a decision and using powers to try and figure things out, first player to have a full set of heroes is the winner.

Next is a game being released at Essen called Bunny Kingdom, a game where you will be drafting cards and playing them in order to establish your kingdom on the board.  You will harvest things like carrots, copper, wood, and spices and build cities which will multiply the points that you can acquire from these fields.  Art is very nice and extensively bunnized so look forward to this game.

The last game being released at Essen is Kanagawa, a game by Bruno Cathala that is all about creating the most harmonious painting that you can. "It's 1840: In Kanagawa, the great bay of Tokyo, the Master Hokusai decided to open a painting school to share his art with his disciples. You are one of these disciples, and more than anything, you want to prove yourself worthy of the “crazy, old artist”. Follow his teachings to expand your studio and paint your preferred subjects (Trees, Animals, Characters, Buildings), all while paying attention to the changing of the seasons in order to make the most harmonious print… the one that will become the work of your lifetime!"