New HeroClix Pre-Release Events Cancelled After Train Derailment

July 4, 2016 - 2:42am
One of the trains that was involved in the in the head-on train collision that happened June 28th in Texas was transporting a large shipment of the new HeroClix. This shipment had been intended to fulfill orders for the upcoming Pre-release events around the world. Due to the unknown condition of this product, Wizkids has cancelled the Marvel HeroClix: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Pre-Release event until further notice.
Steffen/Amarillo Globe News/AP Photo

The release of the regular product will move forward as planned; Wizkids is still able to ship sufficient quantities to proceed with the launch of the product. While the loss of a nationwide event for the gaming community is unfortunate, the bigger impact is to those who have lost their loved ones and my thoughts and prayers go out to them. To read the whole story from Wizkids click here.