Yokai Watch TCG Coming this Fall from Hasbro

July 3, 2016 - 1:46am
Courtesy of Publisher

Yokai Watch is the current hotness when it comes to anime aimed at young kids and has a successful toy line already going, so why not expand it a bit more?  In the fall Hasbro will be releasing the trading card game based on Yokai Watch in America, this launch will include booster packs, starter sets, play mats, and even an exclusive Yokai Watch medal to go with an already existing line of toys.  The TCG will be aimed squarely at kids with a recommended minimum age of only 6, and there will even be a Walmart exclusive collection box that will include boosters inside a box to carry all your other cards.  Will this new trading card game be a success?  We will have to wait and see, but if the popularity numbers from Japan carry over into the US, it just might be a hit.  You can read the announcement on the ICv2 site and check out the game on the official website.