New Boss Monster Expansion Announced

June 30, 2016 - 10:07pm
crash landing In celebration of convention season, Brotherwise Games announced at this year’s GenCon, a new expansion to Boss Monster: Crash Landing. The new expansion to this classic video game inspired dungeon-building card game not only adds new cards but some rules changes, allows 5-6 players and introduces an out-of-this-world alien invasion theme! Some of the new features of this expansion have been revealed by the publishers. In a 5-6 player game, players continue to play even after receiving 5 wounds; the player with the highest total souls minus wounds wins the game. Accumulating wounds could be seen as a risky strategy but with a new set of Spells such as “Not Dead Yet”, which is powered up by the number of wounds you have, this strategy might pay off in the end. Like any other alien invasion there are now Alien Artifacts, and which new type of hero will be seeking these artifacts? The brave and intrepid Explorer, of course. Over the forthcoming weeks, there will be more sneaky peeks Use the comments on their Facebook page to let Brotherwise Games know which Sci-Fi classics you expect to see as Easter Eggs in this new set. To find out more on Boss Monster: Crash Landing, you can go to Brotherwise Games site by clicking here