Mistborn: House War, now on Kickstarter

June 30, 2016 - 9:18am
mistborn From Crafty Games in cooperation with Brandon Sanderson, American fantasy and science fiction author of the Mistborn trilogy and it's many sequels, comes a truly inspired game to Kickstarter - Mistborn: House War. This co-operative game steeps 3 to 5 players as leaders of powerful houses within the Final Empire, where they must work together to solve the many problems that upset the delicate political and economic balance. I say co-operative in respect to how it is advertised on the campaign's page, but that is only slightly accurate. The game is actually semi-co-operative, where teamwork is necessary to maintain the flow of the game but in reality every player is vying for top honors. Here's the official description of that twist from the Kickstarter page: "...you’ll compete to become the most powerful House in the land by currying favor from the almighty Lord Ruler. To win, you must build alliances, negotiate deals, and undermine both your enemies and your allies — all at just the right time. But be careful! Should your stewardship fail, unrest will tear the Final Empire asunder and the House most distanced from the Lord Ruler shall emerge the victor." mistborn comp A near epitome of the word intrigue. The duality of play, to co-operate and compete could become narrow in focus if there was only one goal. However, Crafty Games, being true to their name, have seemed to curb the game from a single focus by allowing a player to benefit from another players folly amidst an all out bidding war in disguise. The game's flow, otherwise, is fairly straightforward: Each house gathers resources, but of course no single house can gather everything necessary to satisfy all the problem cards drawn, so players must make deals for the benefit of the game all the while collecting as much influence as they can. I'm glad that a game that honors a long and upstanding fantasy series appears to have been both developed lovingly and is well received by fans. Within it's first day on Kickstarter it has nearly quintupled it's funding goal! The elegant look of it's components, art, and game-play seem to allow for a heavy focus on player interaction rather than component manipulation. The fantastic mix of cooperation and hidden agendas perfectly fits the Mistborn world, and I can't imagine fans of the series to be disappointed.  If you are as intrigued as I am, be sure to check out their campaign page for videos, rules, and more information.

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