Dawn of the Zeds (Third Edition) is Now Available

June 30, 2016 - 9:23am
dawn of the zeds 3rd In Dawn of the Zeds you are the people of Farmingdale, and recently there has been an outbreak of a new virus that is turning people into zombie like killers, nick-named zeds, and so it is up to you to rally the people and defend your home.  Dawn of the Zeds has been a highly rated solo game since the first edition was released back in 2011, and last year the Kickstarter for the third edition was successfully completed, and most recently fulfilled.  While the usual visual upgrades and rule improvements have been made for the third edition, the biggest change is that this edition adds cooperative play, so you and up to three friends will be able to work together to defend the town.  So now since all the Kickstarter backers have their game, Victory Point Games has put the third edition game into wide release and is available now on the Victory Point Games site for you to purchase.