Two Upcoming Releases from Quick Simple Fun Games

June 28, 2016 - 1:02pm
quick simple fun logo Quick Simple Fun Games has announced two upcoming July releases that look stunning. First, Burano, is a 2-4 player game, designed by Yu-Chen Tseng and Eros Lin, themed around fishing. What's unique about it, however, is it's "pyramid-cube" style driven mechanic:
Image from BGG Image from BGG

"Through the novel 'cube pyramid-driven' mechanism, players take turns paying coins to operate their cube pyramid during each round. The operation of the color-coded cubes would trigger certain actions, such as fishing, lace making, and house roofing, which will earn players victory points (VP). At the end of the game, whoever has earned the most VP wins!" celestia Next up is Celestia (received Dice Tower Seal of Excellence), designed by Aaron Weissblum. Celestia is a re implementation of Cloud 9. Players will fly around gathering treasure in a beautifully crafted ship collecting treasures. celestia ship "With incredible new artwork, streamlined rules, and exciting gameplay, Celestia will fly right into any gamer's growing library!" Look for both releases around July 6th.