Star Trek Panic now available in United States and Canada

June 27, 2016 - 9:19pm

star trek panic

June saw the release of Star Trek Panic from USAopoly and Fireside Games. This game continues the cooperative tower defense style play seen in Castle Panic and Dead Panic, both from Fireside Games. In this version, each player takes on the role of one of the members of the bridge crew from Star Trek: The Original Series. Enemy ships will advance and fire on the Enterprise each turn. Players will have to mitigate these threats by firing back and repairing damage, while committing cards to successfully complete five missions before being destroyed. Contents:
  • 31 Threat Tokens
  • 62 Enterprise Cards
  • 18 Mission Cards
  • 7 Character Cards
  • 1 Enterprise Model (Assembly Required)
  • 6 Shields
  • Damage/Destroyed Indicators
  • Custom Game Board
Fans of the Panic series of game and fans of Star Trek should check out this game. Read full product detail on USAopoly’s site here.