Now on Kickstarter from Tim Fowers, Fugitive

June 26, 2016 - 4:37pm
fugitive A new deduction style card game called Fugitive is on Kickstarter from Tim Fowers, the designer behind Burgle Bros, Wok Star, and Paperback.  In Fugitive, you are either playing as the criminal trying to escape, or the US Marshal trying to track them down and capture them.  Game play is simple in that there are cards numbered 0 thru 42 and for the fugitive to escape they just have to be able to play the 42, for the marshal to win he has to uncover all of the hideouts of the fugitive.  Each round the fugitive will establish a new hideout by playing a card face down, that card has to be within 3 numbers of the previous card, unless you play extra cards with it to go beyond that.  On the marshal's turn he will try to reveal hideouts by guessing the numbers of the face down cards, and he can guess as many numbers as he likes, but it's an all or nothing deal so if all your numbers aren't right, nothing is revealed.  But if you get your numbers right, the cards are flipped over and any extra cards played along with them are revealed as well, giving you more information to make better guesses in the future. Play keeps going around until either the marshal catches the fugitive or the fugitive escapes. The gameplay is nice and the art for both the box and the cards are spot on so this is something worth checking out, head on over to the Kickstarter page to see for yourself. fugitive box comp