New Ashes expansion from Plaid Hat Games

June 27, 2016 - 8:56pm
leo_pre Two new ready-to-play Ashes decks for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn are available for pre-order from Plaid Hat Games. Each deck is available separately and is a mono deck using a single color of dice. These decks may be mixed with the base set and previous expansions for custom deck construction. Both expansions will be available at Gen Con on a limited basis, and are expected to have their regular release soon after. If you’re planning on picking this up at Gen Con, I’d make the Plaid Hat Games booth an early stop because this could sell out very quickly. ashes The Roaring Rose deck, with new Pheonixborn Leo Sunshadow contains 42 cards and requires 10 Charms (pink) dice to play. Leo's special ability allows him to summon a Glow Finch as a side action. This gives the player a huge amount of strategic options for how to use his other units. His Unique card make your opponent choose between lose of life or lose of cards in hand and dice in action pool.
  • 1 Leo Sunshadow - Phoenixborn
  • 1 Glow Finch - Conjuration
  • 5 Nightshade Swallow - Conjuration
  • 5 Orchid Dove - Conjuration
  • 3 Anguish - Action Spell
  • 3 Change Psyche - Action Spell
  • 3 Dispel - Action Spell
  • 3 Mind Probe - Action Spell
  • 3 Beast Tamer - Ally
  • 3 Amplify - Alteration Spell
  • 3 Remorse - Reaction Spell
  • 3 Memory Theft - Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Nightshade Swallow - Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Orchid Dove - Ready Spell
victoria glassfire The Duchess of Deception deck, with new Phoenixborn Victoria Glassfire contains 38 cards and requires 10 Illusion (purple) dice to play. Victoria's special ability and unique card allows you to refresh already used dice, and choose the side of each dice when you do. This ability gives versatility to the player and lets them keep all their options open.
  • 1 Victoria Glassfire – Phoenixborn
  • 3 Shadow Hound - Conjuration
  • 4 Shadow Spirit - Conjuration
  • 3 Illusionary Cycle - Action Spell
  • 3 Body Inversion - Ally
  • 3 Flash Archer - Ally
  • 3 Figures in the Fog - Reaction Spell
  • 3 Particle Shield - Reaction Spell
  • 3 Vanish - Reaction Spell
  • 3 Secret Door - Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Shadow Hound - Ready Spell
  • 3 Summon Shadow Spirit - Ready Spell
  • 3 To Shadows - Ready Spell
For more information on Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, you can go to Plaid Hat Games site by clicking here.