Gaming at The Sprudelhof with Pegasus Spiele

June 25, 2016 - 9:09am
BAD NAUHEIM This weekend in the Bad Nauheim area of Germany, Pegasus Spiele is co-organizing an event called BAD NAUHEIM SPIELT! where people will have the ability play all sorts of games at the Sprudelhof, the largest center of Art Nouveau in Germany .  Admission will be free and if the weather is nice a lot of the gaming will be happening outside, and with a library of over 500 games being brought in from Pegasus Spiele, there won't be a shortage of games to play.  Also of interest will be some national tournaments being put on for the games Istanbul, Village, and Mage Wars, as well as a qualifying tournament for Krosmaster Arena.  So if you have time and are in the area, I recommend stopping by.