On Kickstarter Soon, Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat Game from Pure Fun Games

June 22, 2016 - 11:34pm
Josh Buel, a big fan of the Dice Tower, believes strongly in the philosophy touted by Tom in the form of keeping fun, friends, and family as the first priority.  So when he was brought on to co-create a new game called Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat, he brought that philosophy to bear and changed the game around from a highly tactical game for adults, to something more family friendly and fun.  Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat is described as;
The 6 Clans of Strike Island were... bored. Because of the boredom, fighting broke out and chaos ensued. The elders of the clans got so piffed from kissing booboos all the time that they decided to do something about it. They would hold a contest with each clan's best warriors... In Shadow Strike, you take control of a small group of ninja warriors; trying to be the last ninjas standing on the board. You will fight using each ninja's personal inventory, consisting of Shuriken, smoke bombs, and... candy bars. Throughout the game you will gain access to better equipment for you ninjas, such as Swords and Grappling hooks. You will also earn precious action cards that will really screw over your enemies. Shadow Strike mainly focuses on movement tactics on a hexagon board, as well as dice rolling and "take that" card play. Can you knock out your enemies and claim the mountain for your own? Find out in Shadow Strike: Ninja Combat Game!
The campaign has not launched yet but you can check out the preview page and sign up for a notification of when it launches.  The game itself looks easy, fast, and fun with some excellent art that is light-hearted with all sorts of ninja tropes on display so check it out.