iello Announces King of New York: Power Up! Expansion

June 22, 2016 - 11:14pm
Coupled with the announcement of the King of Tokyo reprint, iello has also announced that the King of New York: Power Up expansion is on it's way.  Set for release in October the Power Up expansion will do the same to the King of New York characters as the Power Up expansion did in King of Tokyo, give each character unique evolutions and powers making each character play differently.  Also another character will be added to the game in the form of Mega Shark, a giant shark wielding an electrified trident among other things.  But the best part about this expansion is that there are two evolution decks for each character, one for play in King of New York, and the other for King of Tokyo, meaning you can now take characters like Sheriff or Captain Fish to Tokyo and start laying waste to a new city!  You can pre-order the expansion now at your local game store or online at iello's site.