District Games and ADC Blackfire Announce an Agreement for the International Release of the Warage Card Game

June 22, 2016 - 10:47pm
Back in January of 2014, a Kickstarter was funded for the Warage Card Game, a fantasy card game with deck construction similar to Magic the Gathering.  The mechanic that makes it unique is that each player starts out with 100 hit points, and it's those hit points that they have to spend in order to play and activate cards, making for tense decisions.  An initial set was funded through the Kickstarter and was pretty much all that was released for the game in the US, but now with the new agreement between District Games and ADC Blackfire, all the content that has been released in Italy will makes it's way over.  More than 1,000 cards have been created for the game since it's Italian release in 2013, and the new Kickstarter will take all those expansions and package them into 55-card Chapters that will be regularly released LCG style.  So look for the Kickstarter on it's scheduled start date of June 27th.