First full length campaign released for Road to Legend Descent App

June 21, 2016 - 11:57am
kindred fire board The Road to Legend app for Descent 2.0 was released a little over a month ago and now we have the release of the first full length campaign for the app.  The campaign, Kindred Fire, is fully cooperative and free, so if you have the app you can get it now.  Kindred Fire is described by FFG as;
With the introduction of Kindred Fire, the first full-length campaign for Road to Legend, you’ll immediately find yourself in the thick of danger as you and your fellow heroes come across a village utterly consumed by flame and reduced to ash. Everyone within the village has been burnt to death—only a single pair of footsteps leads out of the village and into the wild. Though all signs seem to point to Merick Farrow as the culprit, you’ll quickly find that the truth is far more complex as your heroes get caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between the great powers of darkness in Terrinoth. If you and Terrinoth are going to survive, you’ll need to investigate the truth.
You can play the campaign now on the app or head over to the FFG preview page to see what is in store for you.