Preview of next Saddlebag Expansion for Doomtown Reloaded

June 17, 2016 - 11:16am
grand entrance Coming in July from AEG is the next expansion for the Doontown Reloaded LCG called A Grand Entrance, so they have decided to do a couple previews to give you a thematic feel to the expansion.  Right now they have two previews up which tell a short story based on two of the 21 new cards in the set, Lighting the Fuse, and Bacillus Pasteuria.  The stories are a short read and offer some thematic flair to the card game, and of course you can just look at the card itself if you aren't into all that.  You can see the Lighting the Fuse story here, and the Bacillus Pasteuria story here, and you can pre-order the expansion directly from the AEG site.