Upcoming Release from Smirk and Dagger Games

June 17, 2016 - 11:11am
jaccuse At the ACD Game Day, Smirk and Dagger showed off three new releases that are coming, J'Accuse, Dead Last, and an expansion for Nevermore called Specters of Nevermore.  J'Accuse is a small card game about passing the blame and implicating others, there are multiple winners to the game and only one loser, and that loser is the one who ends up getting arrested.  Throughout the game you will be playing cards on your opponents in order to achieve one of two goals, getting them to 5 pieces of hard evidence, or getting them to have a motive, opportunity, and weapon cards all at once.  Whoever meets one of the two goals first gets arrested and is the loser.  You can look for this game at GenCon. dead last Next is Dead Last is what is being called a social collusion game where you are trying to be the last one standing to collect all the gold.  In the game everyone will agree on who to kill, and this can be figured out in any way you see fit from overt communication, covert communication, showing cards, and what not.  This kind of deal has some historical background and is called a Tontine, a deal where money accrues and then pays out to the last survivor.  This kind of deal was outlawed because it often lead to murder, which is kind of what the game is all about.  Get to 24 gold first to be crowned the winner.  Look for this game at Origins. specters of nevermore Last is the expansion, Specters of Nevermore, which will add into the base game player powers in the form of different characters, and some upgraded components on clay poker chips.  Each character, based off of Edgar Allan Poe's books, has a different power whether they are a human or have transformed into a raven, giving you new powers that can help you score or take revenge on all the other players.  While the exact day this will be released is not mentioned, they had the first print run at the ACD game day so look for it's release very soon.  You can see pictures of all three on Smirk and Dagger's Facebook page.