Coming Soon from Asmodee, Dream Home

June 17, 2016 - 11:01am
dream home Asmodee has released a preview of their upcoming family game, Dream Home, a card drafting game for 2 to 4 players that plays in about half and hour.  In Dream Home you are building your dream house, picking which rooms to add as well as which special cards to get in order to maximize your points.  Building rules are pretty simple in that you build from the ground up, and also has some bonus point opportunities that make thematic sense as well such as you get extra points for putting a pantry next to the kitchen.  There are also some rooms that are worth more depending on how many you have next to each other like garages, living rooms, and bedrooms.  Special cards that you can get include helpers, tools, furniture, and roof cards, furniture and roof cards earn you points directly by adding them to your house, but be careful becausethem come with limitations, such as no longer being able to expand a room once you put in furniture.  Helpers and tools aid you in building the house, letting you move things around or counter a bad draw so you aren't at the mercy of what other players give you.  Overall it looks to be an interesting game with mechanics and rules that are simple enough to get the whole family involved, look forward to it in the coming months as the game is currently in production.