IDW Games sets up Preferred Retailer Program

June 15, 2016 - 11:18am
idw games When Asmodee made their announcement of changing the price structure between brick and mortar stores and online stores, there was lots of talk about how one can go about getting people into stores.  The Dice Tower did their own tongue-in-cheek list of essentials for a good game store, and one of those items was to offer something online retailers can't - demos. IDW Games seems to think the same way as they have set up a Preferred Retailer Program where if a store signs up, they will get access to demo copies of many of IDW's games as well as marketing materials and early access to new games.  This I believe is a step in the right direction to make brick and mortar stores more valuable and more of a destination, you can read more about the program and even sign up on the IDW site.