Now on Kickstarter from Button Shy Games, Movie Plotz! The Original Game, Sequel and Bonus Features

June 13, 2016 - 8:42pm
movie plotz Movie Plotz was on Kickstarter two years ago and is a 12 card movie selling type micro game where you pull a card or two and then come up with a movie plot based on those requirements.  Some of the things that can be forced into the movie are a twist ending, giving a character a fatal flaw, making the setting more specific and so on.  In this lightning fast Kickstarter, Button Shy aims to reprint the sold out game as well as add in a sequel to the game called MOVIE PLOTZ: THE STANDALONE SEQUEL and a micro game to play after the main game called MOVIE PLOTZ: BONUS FEATURES.  The sequel game plays just like the original but will feature 12 new cards to use in the game, and the bonus features game has behind the scenes type extras that you have to come up with to go with the movie you created in the main game.  Also of note is that Button Shy Games continues to expand the Movie Plotz game through their Patreon, so even if you don't back them on the Kickstarter, for supporting them on Patreon you will receive a new card every month to expand the game. If these sounds interesting you you or if you want to back for some of the other games in the wallet series of games, then head on over to the Kickstarter before it ends on June 18th.