Now on Kickstarter from, The $499 Game Table

June 11, 2016 - 4:39pm
the duchess Artisan game tables are the ultimate gaming accessory, and to get one usually costs an arm and a leg because of the quality and care put into each individual one.  So in order to help broaden the market, recently sent out surveys to gather data on what people look for in a game table.  Things like size, optional add ons like toppers and cup holders, and the price were all polled in an effort to bring an affordable game table to the market.  And with all that info they have created The Duchess, a 5' by 3' gaming table with a recessed playing surface and the options to add cup holders and/or a table topper (for an extra cost), all for only $499.  They owe the savings to the mass production of the tables as a table like this would normally cost another $100 or more if you add other features to it.  So if you want to join the ranks of high end gaming table owners, check out their Kickstarter and pledge for your own table.