Stonemaier Games Asks: Do You Feel Punished?

June 5, 2016 - 9:40am
facebook kickstarter Jamey Stegmaier posted an article this week on his blog asking this question: when it comes to Kickstarter, Facebook, and other forms of communication: do you feel punished?  This question was derived from some complaints and comments that he received from Stonemaier Games' fans when he began to combine multiple threads and media into singularly focused Facebook groups (one per game) too keep things easier to update, follow, and converse.  These complaints involved fans who did not have Facebook accounts to feel left out, in which the word "punished" was being used. Jamey Stegmaier explains the situation this way:
I started to receive comments and messages from people saying that I was “punishing” them for not being on Facebook. They said I was excluding them from the conversation. Some were worried about not being in the loop about future releases, despite the many other platforms we use for communication (Twitter, e-newsletter, this blog, BoardGameGeek, Kickstarter, YouTube, etc). But it was the comments about “punishment” that really stood out to me. That’s a strong word. It implies that I’m choosing to hurt you because of your actions. Yet the power is in your hands. The onus is on you to join Facebook. I’m not standing in your way.
Mr. Stegmaier is explicit in his article that he has absolutely no intent to alienate (and certainly not "punish") any of his followers.  Quite the contrary.  Nor is he suggesting that anyone should join Facebook.  He further explains that his "responsibility as a creator is to select an effective way to let backers and customers engage with me and with each other."  While he strives to achieve this high level of communication, there are human limitations, and that posting the same content repeatedly on every platform is a gargantuan task and, quite frankly, unreasonable. It is a fact that Mr. Stegmaier has left footprints for many in the gaming industry to follow, both in his enormous efforts to communicate clearly and frequently with his fans and customers as well as his pioneering efforts in the Kickstarter approach and helping others in the industry create more productive, effective Kickstarter projects.  This recent article entitled Kickstarter, Facebook, and Communication: Do You Feel Punished? was published on his blog on the Stonemaier Games website, and can be read here.