Two new Expansion come to the Ticket to Ride App

June 5, 2016 - 9:27am
europa Days of Wonder had created the app version of the quintessential board game Ticket to Ride and it has been a great game to play, which also has some expansions available to it like Europe, India, and Asia to name a few.  Now they have added two new expansions to the game, the Europa 1912 expansion and Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries. The Europa 1912 expansion will come free to those who already own the Europe expansion in the app but will be a separate purchase like 1910 for those just getting the map.  The 1912 expansion now adds tons of new tickets allowing you to play the Europe map in modes like Big Cities or the Mega game, as well as add in depots and warehouses for the Expanded game. The Nordic Countries expansion adds a new vertical map to the game and while it is tighter and only meant for 3 players, it is no less fun, plus the snowy train cards look amazing.  You can download the app on the App store, Google Play, or even Steam and you can check out the Days of Wonder site for more info on the Nordic Countries Expansion and this article on Pocket Tactics to read about Europa 1912.