Star Wars LCG: Rogue Squadron, Reporting In

June 5, 2016 - 9:15am
galactic ambitions cards Fantasy Flight Games' latest preview article concerning Star Wars: The Card Game shows us a glimpse of the Rebel Alliance Objective Set from the Galactic Ambitions expansion.
In the war against the galaxy-spanning Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance is unquestionably outgunned. Their resources, fleets, and recruitment all dwindle in comparison to the might of the Imperial military machine. Yet against all odds, the Rebellion has won victories—by striking quickly and fading away, by sabotaging Imperial emplacements, and by following the commands of some of the galaxy’s greatest tacticians.
The new Galactic Ambitions expansion offers five new objective sets for both the Sith Lords and the Rebel Alliance and offer plenty of new strategies.  The other four affiliations in the game each receive a single new objective set to supplement their own decks.  The article Rogue Squadron, Reporting In posted on FFG's website offers a detailed look at one of the Rebel objective sets from this new expansion. The Alliance's Elite is the objective set for this expansion, and is centered around the elite Rebel starfighter team Rogue Squadron and its pilots.  Cards such as Rogue SquadronAlliance X-Wing, and Corellian Slip present new abilities and tactics focused on these types of cards from the game. For more details on this new expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game, read the full preview article on FFG's website.