The Borg are returning to Star Trek Attack Wing

June 2, 2016 - 8:07am
borg attack wing Two years ago we saw the release of the giant Borg Cube for Star Trek Attack Wing, it is an imposing figure on the table with the cube taking up most of it. It is even considered the most ridiculous game component by Dice Tower's Sam Healy.  So why not make another one? WizKids is doing just that, but they aren't just re-releasing the same cube, this one has a difference in that it includes a docking port for a Borg Sphere.  So now, not only do you get the raw might of the cube, but you also get the tactical advantage of being able to deploy a smaller ship that has the same firepower while only being marginally weaker in hull and shields. This also marks the first appearance of support ships in Star Trek Attack Wing and so there could be some new possibilities on the horizon with these smaller ships aiding the bigger ones.  As usual there are also included all the tokens and cards needed to use these figures and additional Borg cards to bolster the other ships, look for this to hit store shelves this month.  In the mean time you can check out the preview of the new figures on the Star Trek site.