Games Workshop Announces Battle for Vendros

June 1, 2016 - 4:50pm
battle for vendros figures Games Workshop would like to announce the imminent release of a new starter set for the vast Warhammer: 40,000 universe entitled Battle for Vendros.  Below is the official press release from Games Workshop that discusses the new starter set in detail:
The world of Vedros lies in peril; darkening skies had heralded the arrival of planetary invasion, as the Orks mass migration across the war torn galaxy arrived at this rich world. Overwhelmed the Imperial defenders prepared for a glorious but futile last stand when the firmament was crisscrossed by the streaking trials of drop ships; humanities finest warriors, the Space Marines of the Ultramarines Chapter had arrived. The battle lines are drawn, and the fate of an entire planet rests in your hands.' Offering all the fun and mayhem that miniatures gaming provides, Battle for Vedros the newest, simplest and easiest way to enter into Games Workshop's massive Warhammer 40,000 universe, the world's leading miniatures game. Battle for Vedros offers you the chance to play exciting games set in the crucial conflicts raging on this war torn world, but also offers so much more. You can not only choose how to fight, but where and with what - a host of options are available to you the commander. The unique appeal of miniatures gaming is that you craft the warrior playing pieces yourself. The appeal of building and painting is universal, and you may find crafting the highly detailed models is everything you want from this fully engaging game. But you'll want to take part in everything on offer however, with a Starter Set focused on getting you into the action straight away, and the 6 expansions already available enhance your forces from day 1. Battle for Vedros is easy to get into. The game pits 2 sides (2 players or teams) against each other (in under an hour), maneuvering your pieces for advantage before unleashing your sides firepower or going in with blade and axe. The Starter Set  includes 2 forces, complete with heroes and differing engines of destruction on each side. The add ons available allow you to enhance your opinions with more troops, aliens and combat vehicles. For those familiar with Warhammer 40,000, Battle for Vedros offers tremendous value for the money including Space Marines, Orks, a Dreadnought and Defkopta. Taking the very best of Warhammer 40,000, the Battle for Vedros is ideal if you want to see what miniatures gaming is all about the easy way, specifically designed with you in mind. Set up your forces and prepare the dice, the fate of an entire planet rests on you.
Battle for Vendros is set for release on June 6, 2016.  For more information, visit Games Workshop's site.