Have Fun at Epic Nerd Camp

May 30, 2016 - 6:52pm
geek summer camp Back when I was a kid I remember going to summer camps to have fun with archery, horseback riding, camping, and just enjoying the outdoors.  Now you can relive that as an adult with Epic Nerd Camp in Thompson, PA, where you can do all those as well as many much more geeky pursuits.  There is swordplay, Boffer battles, a recording studio, electronic music production, movie making, and of course, lots and lots of tabletop games.  Minimum age to attend is 18 and there are two times available you can register from, June 11th to 14th and June 15th to 18th.  The camp has several well known sponsors like AEG, CGE, Rio Grande Games and more.  You can check out their website and register for the camp.