Coming Soon from Asmodee

May 29, 2016 - 9:17am
struggle for catan Asmodee North America just recently announced a trio of new titles coming form them this summer.  First is Asmodee making good on using the Catan license by reprinting the card game adaptation, Struggle for Catan.  The game itself remains the same but is in a smaller box, ready to be hung on the wall of the game store. cash n guns team spirit Next is an expansion for the popular party game Cash 'n Guns called Cash 'n Guns: Team Spirit.  This expansion does the usual adding of new characters and new guns but goes above and beyond to really expand the game.  First is the addition of another player bringing the max number to 9, also included is a mercenary deck which offers 12 thugs for hire that you can use to gain a temporary advantage for your team.  That's right, I said team, this expansion also adds in all the cards and rules needed to turn Cash 'n Guns into a team based game instead of just a free for all.  Pretty soon we are going to need a Big Box edition to hold all the foam guns! Last is Asmodee putting another license they acquired to work in the release of Spot It! Finding Dory.  Spot It! is a simple matching game meant for young kids and this release is meant as a tie in with the Finding Dory movie being released this summer.  Look for all these titles to hit stores in August and you can see their announcement here.