Play Monster releases Popalotsy

May 29, 2016 - 9:13am
popalotsy There are a number of game we could call gimmick games, Mystic Vale for the card building, World of Yo-ho for the phone usage, Trouble with the pop-o-matic bubble, and now we can add Popalotsy to that list.  Popalosty is a simple game meant for kids that uses a dice tosser type device where you can put dice inside and it will pop it out the top, rolling the dice and scattering them around.  In the game each player will have rings that depict a color and die face, on a turn you will put all the dice, one of each of 5 colors, into the dice popper and let them get tossed about.  Then you will try to match the rings you hold to the dice by placing the ring over the die, but that is not quite all there is to it.  In order to place down your ring you have to match the color, die face, or both, but if you match only the color, other players can play over top of you if they match the die face.  Plus if you match both the die face and the color you can play over top of a ring that matches either the color or die face, and nothing else can be placed over that ring thus locking in that die.  And that's pretty much it, first one to play down all their rings is the winner of the game. If this sounds like it would be good for your family then you can head over to the Play Monster site to order your copy.