Now on Kickstarter from Tuesday Knight Games, World Championship Russian Roulette

May 28, 2016 - 1:40pm
russion roul The folks who brought you the party game Two Rooms and a Boom are Kickstarting their next project, World Championship Russian Roulette.  In World Championship Russian Roulette you are a team of competitors in the final championship round of Russian roulette, the ultimate game of chance where if you lose you die.  In the game you will have a team of "athletes" and if your team is completely eliminated you are out. Each round is played in six phases, pocket, spin, bidding, challenge, trigger and then points.  In the Pocket phase you will pick one of your six cards to put in your pocket (5 blanks and 1 bang card), you can put any card including your one bang card, but that is considered cheating and if you are caught you face a penalty.  In the spin phase you take all your remaining cards, shuffle them, and place them face down in front of you.  Next you bid on how many cards you can flip over without hitting the bang card, and then comes the challenge phase, this is where if you suspect that someone is "cheating" you can call them out.  If you successfully call someone out you get 3 action cards, which allow you to break certain rules, and they lose a teammate, if you are wrong than the accused gets one action card and you get an extra bang card shuffled into your deck.  Now comes the nerve racking part, you flip over the number of cards you bet to see if you survive, if you aren't shot then you collect points based on how many blanks you flipped over, if you are shot you get nothing and lose a teammate.  Whoever gets to 15 points first or is the last one standing is the winner. russian roul comp This game is designed by Anthony Burch, who has a good pedigree when it comes to video games and helps on some notable Youtube shows like Hey Ash Whatcha Playin.  Art is done by Weberson Santiago who also did the art for the recently Kickstarted Coup Brazilian Art Edition so everything looks great.  If you are interested in the game then you can head over to the campaign page to pledge for a copy.