Introducing Two New Adventurers for The Red Dragon Inn

May 25, 2016 - 8:44am
keet and nitrel
Look, I’m sure anything of value in here would have been sturdy enough to survive the vault door blowing in instead of out.      -Nitrel the Sapper
SlugFest Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of a two-character expansion for The Red Dragon Inn. called The Red Dragon Inn: Allies.  This expansion features two new characters, Keet and Nitrel, the goblin siblings, from the winners of the 2014 Character design contest where "their clever designs and exciting mechanics earned them a seat in the tavern."  This is the first of the new "Allies line of expansions" with more to come. Below is taken from SlugFest Games' press release:
Keet’s illustrious career of tomb raiding has uncovered fantastic artifacts of both magical and cultural significance. It’s a shame that few of them ever end up in a museum! Digging up the past in his homeland has led him to Greyport, where tales of ancient dwarven ruins (and a particularly exciting inn) have peaked his pointy green ears. With his sister in tow, no dungeon vault will be safe from his enthusiastic looting – er – research! Like many goblins, Nitrel is an obsessive pointy-eared little fireball. She loves things that go boom! So whether that’s setting off dungeon-busting charges or “perfectly safe” fireworks, you can bet you will find her holding the matches. Fortunately, adventurers usually need someone who can cleverly deconstruct obstacles or blow stubborn doors off their hinges, so Nitrel and her talents seem to be in high demand.
For more information, visit the official press release.