Learn Chinese Astrology with "My Wu Xing"

May 22, 2016 - 10:06pm
my wu xing cards My Wu Xing is a small card game for 2-8 players coming from Game Salute on June 3rd. Wu Xing, or the five elements - Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, and Earth, is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy that was used since before and exceptionally during the Han dynasty to explain the unexplained. Creation, dangerous phenomena, and even the basis for actions and emotions. My Wu Xing seeks to not just be a fun card game, but also teach players about the interactions with those elements as well as corresponding concepts within Wu Xing and how they affect each other and nature.
The game pits the player’s Wu Xing (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) against the universal elements and the other players’ elements.  There are also both auspicious cards (Infinite Dragon) or inauspicious cards (Destructive Star) which can change game play at any time. The last player who has elements in their hand wins. If no one has any elements remaining, the player with the most elements in hand wins.
The game is reasonably short and filler tier (max 30 min. estimated), accommodates a lot of players, and carries a lot of historical and philosophical concepts through beautiful illustrations. Definitely looks to be a solid product from Game Salute. Be sure to check it out this summer!

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