It's a Trap! Star Wars: Armada 4th Wave

May 22, 2016 - 10:16pm

armada wave 4

"It's a trap!" –Admiral Ackbar

Will your fleet set a trap for your enemy? Or will you find your ships ripped out of hyperspace by your enemy's gravity-well projectors?
Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) would like to proudly announce the 4th wave of expansions for Star Wars: Armada.  This wave will include two new ships, the Interdictor cruiser for the Empire and the Liberty-class Star Cruiser for the Rebellion. The Interdictor is a cruiser equipped with advanced gravity-well projectors that can wrench an unsuspecting ship out of hyperspace.  This can be used to create elaborate traps for the enemy, forcing them into a conflict and potentially separating them from the rest of the fleet.  The Interdictor Expansion Pack comes with fourteen upgrades, two ship cards, pre-painted miniature starship, and a rulesheet and all necessary tokens and command dials. The Liberty differs from the Home One Mon Calamari cruiser in that it is designed to charge directly into battle.  This is due to its powerful forward shielding and forward battery armament. For more information on these new ships from the 4th Wave, check out the full article on FFG's website.